Hiroko Terasawa







Laboratory for Sound and People with Computing

Laboratory for Sound and People with Computing (LSPC) is jointly conducted by Hiroko Terasawa and Yuzuru Hiraga.

Joining the Lab

There are many ways to join our lab. Please check the following information and contact us if you are interested in getting degree, or working on long- or short-term research projects with us.

Matriculated Students

We accept undergraduate and graduate students from College of Media Arts, Science and Technology, and Graduate School of Library, Information and Media Studies at University of Tsukuba.

If you are an international student wishing to study in our lab, please consider an application for University of Tsukuba. Some useful information is available at International Program at University of Tsukuba and Global 30 Program website. Graduate school of Library, Information and Media Studies offers degree programs taught in English.

Short stay, Exchanges, Internships, and Post-docs

If you are affiliated at an overseas partner institution with University of Tsukuba, there are research and student exchange programs available.

We always welcome research interns and postdocs if they are externally funded. For example, we can support applications for JSPS postdoctoral fellowship.


We welcome research collaborations, visits, sabbatical stays, and guest lectures from inside and outside Japan. Please contact us if you're interested in visiting us.